16 May 2008

Youngest Supernova in the Milky Way

Here is the much awaited NASA news.

Using the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, scientists have found the youngest supernova in our galaxy!

The little fella, G1.9+0.3, is estimated to be around 140 years old.

Extract from NASA website:

Finding such a recent, obscured supernova is a first step in making a better estimate of how often the stellar explosions occur. This is important because supernovae heat and redistribute large amounts of gas, and pump heavy elements out into their surroundings. They can trigger the formation of new stars as part of a cycle of stellar death and rebirth. The explosion also can leave behind, in addition to the expanding remnant, a central neutron star or black hole.

We know what the office cooler conversations gonna be for the next few years!