30 December 2008

Peter Pan is tainted?

The money grabbing nature of some folk gives a bad name to all their products.

Take this article in the Telegraph about a legal battle between Walt Disney and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

The man who created Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie, had granted rights to the play to the hospital.

Apparently they granted animation rights to the play to Disney. And later on, when George Cukor tried to make a live action movie (proceeds going to hospital), Disney threw a hissy fit. Seems like they had all the cinematic rights to the film.

A letter dated 15 Mar, 1963, from Disney’s legal adviser to Mr Sneath, reads: “Mr Roy Disney ... is frankly shocked that the Governors of the hospital should think themselves free for any reason to go back on the basic terms which were agreed for the acquisitions by Disney of live rights ... We hope that even at this late stage the governors in reconsideration will come to the conclusion that nothing not even their desire to serve charity justifies bad faith of this kind.”

I suppose it is only in US that all is about the money. Who cares about the poor kiddies in hospital as long as those who can afford it flock to Disney shows.

*crosses all Disney products off to buy list*

By the way, anyone remember Amistad?