11 February 2009

A fascinating catalogue

I see what they mean. An app that links to all the medevial manuscripts online.

That's what the article in Science Daily is all about.

I think the argument, in their case, was this - that it was time consuming and required a bit of work to find these scanned manuscripts online.

You gotta scuffle through all the blogs and other data out there before you hit jackpot.

Reason I paraphrased the argument of the article is because, as a general rule, I would be quite particular about what keywords I used to google something. So that I increased my chances of finding the relevant data in a short period of time.

To that effect, I wondered what they meant about Google not bringing up the cambridge manuscript. I mean, yea, Googling "Edward the Confesssor" results in epic failure but that's not what I would have used anyway.

Try "Cambridge manuscript edward" for luck.

Well, the important point is, this search engine annoyance resulted in a brilliant site that catalogues medevial docs. Hurrah! I am happy about that.

Here is the link to Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts