13 February 2009

Friday Links

What's been going on, noteworthy stuff etc. etc.?

Happy Belated Darwin Day

Well, it was Darwin Day yesterday and people world over were celebrating in their own day. Phrayngula's blog mentioned that the Google logo paid tribute to Darwin but I missed it. Well, I hope others got to see it.

By the way, check out the events log on this site. See if there is anything planned near you. Or will it all be covert?

Entaro Adun ...

While on the topic biological beings and celebrations, SC site has purdy wallpapers dedicated to valentine's day. The Zerg ones looked like of creepy, in a I-have-bacteria sort of way.

Thanks to QTN for the link. :)

Youtube Download

Hmm, Youtube is testing a download option for their videos. Interesting. I think whether it is free or for a certain amount depends on the partners. From what I have read, this is done via Google Checkout. Isn't that kinda like Paypal where some countries cannot open an account with them?

Try out this Stanford video. They are one of the few testing out this new venture and thus, you will find the download option along with their video (bottom left of vid).

Well, check it out for yourself.