20 February 2009

Ideas for a nav menu

I really really must finish my website. And somehow developing website = more browsing for inspiration.

Well, after my idea of a menu failed horribly, I decided to browse around for ideas ... again!

Here are few sites I noted down ... all of them gave me some excellent ideas for designing the nab menu. Now if only I would stop surfing the net.

* From Css Zen Garden - Lonely Flower

I love the idea of striking out text as a visited link. Nice!

* From Veerle's blog: Css Breadcrumbs

I am always tempted to include a "You are here" option. But should I do the breadcrumbs or a rollover effect?

Excellent tut by the way.

* From Listamatic: different types of nav menus

This site is the best place to check out the basics of setting up a horizontal or vertical menu system. So if you are starting out, would be a good reference site.

* From Webdesigner Wall

It has a fabulous tut about making a restaurant menu list. While that in itself is fascinating, what caught my eye was the rollover effect on the main site's menu. Now that's what I am talking about.

Hmm, still looking. Any particular favorites you'd like to mention?