04 February 2009

Ponies and rainbows in Diablo3?

Photo Source: MTV via Battlenet Forum

You gotta love their sense of humor. Tis a sad day when people take stuff too seriously. Oh, wait, that's why someone can't get British humor.

Anyway, I think this 'altered' Cow Level for Diablo 3 is hilarious.

Excerpt from MTV (Multiplayer blog):
Late last week on the Battle.net forums, fans joked about how the new Cow Level should be the “Unicorn and Rainbow Level” and how the Thousand Pounder (the large boss seen in gameplay) should wear the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man hat. In response, Blizzard poster Bashiok (a.k.a. Micah, the game’s community manager) linked to two altered screenshots.
Nicely done!