20 March 2009

Friday Links

Photo Source: aimee.craze

It's Friday! Woohoo!

Alright, so what's been making the news this week?

Ruby Ruby Ruby

That was cheesy and so so wrong. I blame BBC; a presenter on the breakfast show made a similar joke (yes, yes, I thought it was funny but I didn't think the twitter hoax was funny so ... go figure).

Anyway, I found this interesting little intro to Ruby on Rails. Consider me intrigued. Now, to actually sit down and learn it. *notes it down for next week*.

It ain't over til it's over?

Speaking of procrastination and to-do lists ... folks have been passing around this funny little article called Cult of Done manifesto.

So true. *signs up*

What's the slogan? Because I'm worth it?

Oooh more and more folks are talking about a business model for online journalism. Like this one.

It could work. It might not work. Who knows.

Is it because these are two such divergent schools of thought - sharing vs. payment per idea?

It's still strange to see how some folks (especially from the print media) are at a loss on handling the internet. *has flashbacks to annoying online marketing tactics*