27 March 2009

Friday Links

Hurrah! It's Friday! Now to make it through the day ...
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Terry Pratchett interview

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I found this via link. It was an absolute delight to read. Especially that bit at the end about Foul Ole Ron's famous saying.

Ooh and guess what? He is working on Unseen Academicals! It's set for an October 2009 release.

I've mentioned that before, haven't I?

Hot tea is bad

As is putting your hand in a tub of boiling water, giving your baby the feeding bottle thingy without testing it on your wrist and of course, the age old crossing the road without looking both sides first.

Well, some people spent a lot of time doing this research and found out that hot tea could make it even more likely that you get a kind of cancer.

"The British Medical Journal study found that drinking black tea at temperatures of 70C or higher increased the risk." [BBC]

... Seriaas?

Best way to create a generation of half-wits

Ok, folks I am against GCSE in general, be it iGCSE (I know, I know) or that other local one.

So this "Science for local GCSE is devalued" article does not surprise me.

Why in my day .... imagine a big monologue about how lessons were harder and kids were smarter.

Most of them ... some of them. A few.

I was watching BBC and one of the rather indignant folks ranting on about GCSE's falling standards in science actually pointed out that there was a question about a mobile phone/device in the papers.

Oh dear.

And while I shake my head in disbelief, I come across this article. Apparently, kids will be taught twittering and blogging and podcasting ....

I believe the modern reaction is ROFLMAO!

*sings* Do doo Do doo Do ...

By the way, is there a bounty out for traditional education? Is she covering in a corner somewhere, desperately trying to get hold of Mr Anderson?