17 April 2009

Friday Links

Arr! Arr!

You've heard the news. PirateBay was found guilty. Got 1 year jail time and loads of moolah to dish out to the poor starving children of Zimbabwe ... no wait, to the rich, money-nabbing folks of US.

Arr. This really annoys me and I don't even download stuff. I legally buy all the yappity nonsense that I have an interest in. Only thing is, with stuff like this I will boycott big fish that go after the little guy.

Why does it bug me? What gives a big corporation the right to dictate how the law should be set in another country? How is fair that they spread their beliefs onto other nations? What gives a big business the right to dictate laws that govern another nation?

Thousands of people in Zimbabwe have been suffering under Mugabe. But apparently that is a tough thing to solve. You can't just go in; you can't tell another country how to govern. All you can do, is ask UN to type out a letter. Right!

Wiki had a list of plaintiffs involved in the case. For shame Blizzard, how can you be part of this debacle?

Should I tell my husband I am not so sure about playing WoW anymore? Which will be kinda disappointing with SC2 coming out. Maybe I will discontinue my account. Bah! *mutter mutter*

Authors who support PB

At least some folks have their minds in right place

I read that some authors get the idea about file sharing. Or at least know that it is best possible publicity you can ask for.

Apparently Paul Coelho is a-okay with PirateBay. In fact he uses it to promote his books.

Wonder who else is mentioned in that article link?