24 April 2009

Friday Links

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End of another week and payday is around the corner. Woot! So what's been happening while we wait for the upcoming weekend of fun?

Gone with the recession?

Yahoo is shutting down Geocities later this year? I shouldn't be surprised but ... it's kinda sad. Perhaps this is because a number of fan sites I used to visit was/in geocities. I hope these folks move the data.


Oh man. Have you seen this movie? It's available all over the place and is ... really cheesy. On the other hand, some modern horror movies are equally bad. Just goes to show it's not big budgets or fancy special effects that makes or breaks a movie.

Robokitties Galore

I've been following Sapceman for a while now. And I think they really outdid themselves with the most recent comic. All it needs is a fancy theme song now - GO GO Sapce ... man? Sapce savior? Hmmm.....


And in other news ... there was the Ubuntu-inspired comic. Nicely done. I got quite a kick out of the Linux references. If you are interested, here is his DA page.