02 April 2009

International Blasphemy Day

So ... have you heard about the Blasphemy Day International 2009 (Sept 30th)? It's a day to make a point about free speech. And making sure no one is above reproach.

Cos otherwise, that's how tyrannical kingdoms are born.

Some people are getting really upset with that phrase. It's a sort of "Do we have to offend to make a point" sort of argument.

I can see why some people can be a tad uncomfortable.

But, on the other hand, a few stuff on telly (and what dimwits on telly say) offends some of my personal beliefs. It's just that there is no collective group of people sanctioned by a holy book containing these beliefs and thus, I just have to wait for that movement to come along, don't I?

Why can't the offended parties follow Ricky Gervais's objection to that dityzy celebrity's quest for a BF reality show? I believe it was "That's alright, I don't have to watch it."


Black Wizard said...

Damn right! I've been a huge supporter of Blasphemy Day since day one. People who oppose it because they don't want to offend are being polite and all, but they're missing the point - sometimes you just can't be polite when some assholes and their stupid religions step over the bounds of human decency - they MUST be criticized and even ridiculed, and, in any case, nothing should be beyond the bounds of comedy.