28 April 2009

Internet is all about the users; just ask Google

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Everyone is all too ready to hate Google as the "Pirate's best friend". That's rubbish! Everyone knows it's rum that be a pirate's best mate, ye?

Well, this article is hardly objective when covering Google's defense when the company yells "We're not like those bunch, stop calling us that".

Google is pretty accommodating to the copyright police and their right/left hand folks like Sherriff of Nottingham(s). Look at how strict Youtube is becoming.

Here's a Internet 101 to the noob - Yes, they do take down anything that violates copyright when they find it and when someone reports it. They are not going to police the net because that's not how the net works!!!

Want to show how green you are (and I don't mean this in an eco-friendly way)? Then diss the way internet works, it's basic foundation. It's all about the community. And google does an excellent job maintaining a sense of community while listening to the bigwigs.

You know what it boils down to? Some folks getting iffy because Google came up with a business model that works on the internet. Jealous much?