20 April 2009

Where were you when she joined twitter?

I don't think some people get it. The whole anti-feeling when the big O came to twitter.

I must admit, I kinda liked the idea of herebeforeoprah. Declare your geekiness or something to that effect was the slogan.

Although if you did tweet that, surely you would be spamming your followers? With a rant that provides the big O with unnecessary publicity, no less?

But that site did make my day. And it was funny to see it as a popular hash tag for today.

You know what is sad though? Everyone talks about how some celebrity was on twitter before Oprah.

But the real celebrities on the internet are completely different from those guys doing the annoying stunts on the big screen.

And guess what? Most of the traditional media on the net don't mention these folk at all.

Just goes to show that they have no clue, do they?

Of course, who's popular depends on your interests.

But I would list these folks as celebs on twitter:

The Guild (wooot!)
Legend of Neil
Dr Horrible
Stephen Fry (Come on! Guy's a tech geek and he's smart)
PZ Myers (This is my list of favorites, remember)
Opera (let's talk about a real browser. Also their links are always cool)

So, who are your favorites?


aindhy said...

Warren Ellis?

Aktief Kulture said...

Not familiar with his work (checking Wiki now ... Ahhh! ).

Good point about comic book guys and graphic designer being at the forefront of social networking.

Ellis is helping out with Castlevannia movie?

aindhy said...

Is he? Gotta check that out... His Graphic Novel 'Global Frequency' and 'Ocean' are pretty good... haven't really checked out a major chunk of his catalogue... BUT from what I've seen so far... he isn't half bad.