10 July 2009

Friday Links

funny pictures of cats with captions
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NO TGIF for these PCs

Ouch. This is bad.

Quote from News24:

A third wave of cyber attacks hit South Korea on Thursday evening, blocking or impeding access to official and private websites, amid suspicions North Korea or its supporters are to blame.

I can't find the link I read yesterday but I remember seeing Amazon listed as an affected site.

Surely this is bigger news than ... the trivial crap that has been sensationalized in past few days?

Extra extra, read all about it

Hmm, so NYT is slowly moving towards their subscription system.

So far it looks like a $5 per month model.

I honestly don't see it working. I think the days of paid news is over. Time to find a system better suited for the times.

They looked startled? Maybe they had heard stories ...

... about human interrogation techniques?

There was this article in NatGeo about monkeys being peevologists. Or having the potential to be one.

Quote from National Geographic website:

Monkeys can form sentences and speak in accents—and now a new study shows that our genetic relatives can also recognize poor grammar.

I am not sold on that study. I suppose you can't really elaborate on that study in greater detail on that site, especially when NatGeo might not want to sound like a scientific journal.