06 November 2009

Friday Links

Alrighty! A new post, woohoo! Actually it's a bit late on a Friday so it takes a lot out of me to muster up that amount of enthusiasm. So let's move on, shall we?

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First up, I finished Tsukuyomi:Moon Phase. It was an interesting take on vampires, but not necessarily what you were hoping for. I think the young protagonist was a bit of a turn-off. I mean, unless the character is a bit daring and cynical like Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, the story quickly heads up Mount Boring. Incidentally, that implied loved angle was a bit on the 'meh' side. Well, if you like shoujo romances, this might be worth adding to the list.

Aah ha ha ha! This one's classic. Did you hear about U2's concert in Germany, the one where they were celebrating the fall of the wall? And how some idiot organizing the event put up a wall against ticketless folk? Well, Bono is a twat so what I'm hardly surprised.

Okay, Halloween was fun and we watched a lot of horror flicks. Bloodbath in the House of Dead was one and the new Dawn of the dead was another. I must say that the new one doens't even come close to the older one. A lot of social commentary was jam-packed into the earlier one and the new one was more of a gnaw-fest. Plus a bit of nudity. Incidentally, have you heard about the Giant Gila Monster? Ye, that's what nightmares are made of.

Eh? WoW already bleeds you slowly and painfully with a monthly subscription and now they are thinking of setting up a cash shop? Alright ... one of you wiseguys are now going to tell me that they always had one and that this is just about enhancing the said shop, right? It's been a few months since I kicked the WoW habit and I must say news like this don't make it look any prettier.

Something that might be of interest to anime/manga fans out there - a discussion about Christian themes in anime and manga. This article is more of a theory about why we come across such themes in these shows. After all, Japan is not a Christian nation; in fact, they are pretty much secular or at least pretty chilled about religious matters.

Oh my, look at all these folks complaining about Valve. Other online delivery services are getting their panties in a knot about the utterly awesome delivery service that is Valve. Do I sound in favor of the latter? You betcha. Incidentally Direct2Drive can go suck it! t(-_-t)