30 July 2009

Men At Work sued by girls in uniform

... sort of. So some people are suing Men At Work because the band stole the riff from an older song.

Incidentally, the riff was part of a song for the Girl Guides.

So now the injured parties (Larrikin Music) wants royalties from the song.

Am I the only one thinking this violates the ideals and whatchacallits of the Girl Guide movement? Wasn't the movement a sort of a hippy 'we love the world' crap movement in the first place?

Or was that just tactics to avoid bears? I don't know, I steered clear of them in my school. The whole campfire singing, running away from bears nonsense looked less fun than a lazy weekend playing Wolfenstein 3D.

28 July 2009

Legend of Neil Update

Ai Ai Ai! The second season for Legend of Neil is out! Episode one can now be viewed at this link.


*sings LoN theme song*

And Mother Nature wins

This is hilarious.

William Shatner reads Sarah Palin's farewell speech as a poem. And it makes more sense when he does ... at least it sounds less garbled.

Excellent job, Capt. Kirk!

23 July 2009

The Terminator's budget-cutting knife

As my better half said - the Gordon smile has been overtaken by the Arnold knife.

These folks might want to talk over some of these moves with their PR people. Or maybe the PR people are just really bad adapting to online networking tools.

21 July 2009

There's one in every country

Alright, this is just lame.

Sweden has its own copyright overseeing group and they thought of a new way to make lots of moolah.

Quote from Techdirt:

In this case, STIM has apparently sent out demand letters to thousands of Swedish companies telling those companies that if anyone at the company listens to music on the job, the company needs to pay for a license.

Season two of Legend of Neil

Ooh I must note that date.

Legend of Neil is coming back on 27th of July 2009. That's right, season two of the series will be up and viewable at Atom.

Surely there are other folks just as excited as I am?

Check out more info and pictures at io9.

10 July 2009

Friday Links

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

NO TGIF for these PCs

Ouch. This is bad.

Quote from News24:

A third wave of cyber attacks hit South Korea on Thursday evening, blocking or impeding access to official and private websites, amid suspicions North Korea or its supporters are to blame.

I can't find the link I read yesterday but I remember seeing Amazon listed as an affected site.

Surely this is bigger news than ... the trivial crap that has been sensationalized in past few days?

Extra extra, read all about it

Hmm, so NYT is slowly moving towards their subscription system.

So far it looks like a $5 per month model.

I honestly don't see it working. I think the days of paid news is over. Time to find a system better suited for the times.

They looked startled? Maybe they had heard stories ...

... about human interrogation techniques?

There was this article in NatGeo about monkeys being peevologists. Or having the potential to be one.

Quote from National Geographic website:

Monkeys can form sentences and speak in accents—and now a new study shows that our genetic relatives can also recognize poor grammar.

I am not sold on that study. I suppose you can't really elaborate on that study in greater detail on that site, especially when NatGeo might not want to sound like a scientific journal.

09 July 2009

United Breaks Guitars

Ooh bad PR for United. They better be worried about negative publicity like this.

07 July 2009

Another Pratchett movie


Sky is going to make a movie adaptation of Going Postal.

I am not the biggest fan of movie adaptations but then again I was alright with Hogfather.

However, I am going to view this warily until I see the final product.


Following the success of its Terry Pratchett adaptations "Hogfather" and "The Colour of Magic," Sky said Monday that David Suchet, Charles Dance and Richard Coyle will head the cast of "Going Postal," a forthcoming Sky1 high definition production of the novel from fantasy writer Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

Hollywood Reporter

03 July 2009

Not at those prices!!

I never did like EMI. Or the other big music folks for that matter.

Quote from Music Ally:

EMI Publishing is refusing to make its catalogue available for streaming under the new 0.085p minima rate proposed by PRS for Music in the UK. The publisher will now administer its own royalty collections with the aim of securing higher rates from streaming services.

Wonder if these new collection groups will also harass little old ladies and girl scouts.

02 July 2009

Put away the eye-patches now, it's over

So now we know that The Pirate Bay is going to be bought by a company called Global Gaming Factory.

Seems like another Napster, doesn't it?

Well, the folks over at TPB seem to be reassuring users that personal info will not be transferred.

Read the full story @ Wired.

Usenet lost

Isn't this cheerful?

Quote from cnet:

Usenet.com lawyers lost their copyright infringement case to the music industry on Tuesday and are now preparing for a federal court to assess damages. The judgment could be hundreds of millions of dollars.

You gotta read the full article, it's pretty depressing. The comments at the end don't help much either.

Always interests me, the way countries will not interfere when great number of folks are being killed but the moment it is copyright infringement, then they have to tell you how to run the country.