29 October 2009

When folks fear science ....

... we're all screwed!

I came across this via the Dawkins website. I'm glad folks are pushing for this and making a case about it.

Honestly, the number of folks who are into this namby-pampy, wishy-washy, hoity-toity quack nonsense is unbelievable. I say Tina, when are you going to stop following ...alright, I will stop with the TBL references. I think I made my point.

Quote from article:

The tragedy is that we have largely refused to educate ourselves about science and consequently the gap between its knowledge and our own has become ever greater. Our fear and suspicion of it have grown accordingly - and yet when it comes to irrationality in all its guises, we have cast all suspicion to the four winds and thrown ourselves on the mercy of quacks and mountebanks. Hence we barely raise an eyebrow when we find a well known television presenter using his position of influence to promote dangerously anti-scientific nonsense on the subject of vaccines: nonsense which we could have excused a hundred years ago but which is now simply the height of ignorant irresponsibility.

The article is called Vaccination: the moral imperative by Paula Kirby. Read the full article, it is excellent.

26 October 2009

The Acoustic Version

...of Do You Want to Date My Avatar?

22 October 2009

They are not going to live it down

... are they?

14 October 2009

Copying and Stuff: New Guild Episode

<br/><a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?mkt=en-US&amp;vid=ad9da3c0-f956-4a84-91a0-29281cc13c51" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Episode 7: Coping and Stuff">Video: Season 3 - Episode 7: Coping and Stuff</a>

09 October 2009

Friday Links

Yay, another Friday Links page. And a lot has been happening!
funny pictures of cats with captions
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Funny Brutal Legend interview

Were these guys joking or did they really not get what Jack Black was on about? I'm talking about the promo conference Black and Schafer gave for Brutal Legend. Black, in his typical over-the-top manner, came out making fun of rugged action types and I think most folks didn't get it. Oh and that emoticon? \m/ ? Yea, totally digging that!

This is for Social Media n00bs
or for folks who are doing it wrong ...

I've been tempted to unfollow a bunch of folks from twitter and other social media sites recently. Reason? A lot of them have
a) been spammed their stream with the same link over and over again
b) shamelessly promoted a product without bothering to talk to anyone
c) misusing the hashtag of a trending topic just for attention
... and the list goes on.

Do you want to know the full list of Do's and Don'ts for using Social Media? Check out 99 Social Media Failures @Digitaloz. Good info here and with this list, you might find out why you are losing followers/online buddies.

Review of Bloody Pit of Horror

I've mentioned this link in my feeds. But the movie is worth mentioning here. Have you seen this movie? You can download it for free via the Internet Archive as it is in the public domain. I swear someone somewhere didn't do the correct translation for this movie. It's cheesy, it's the over the top and you can't stop laughing at this flick! Read review for BPoH.

Porfolio inspiration

Vandelay Design has a great list of portfolio sites, showing how folks are arranging their 'I did this!' pages. I am going through a few such links since I should be finishing up my own portfolio site ... any day now. By the way, that Adam Amaral site is awesome!

What you need to know about Contracts

Thank you, Smashing Magazine. They had this fantastic article about Freelance Contracts and it is a must-read. Some stuff I already know but I learnt that the hard way, after dealing with exceptionally pushy clients. Now I am older and wiser but if only someone had told me some of that stuff early on ... Go on, check it out.

Vash the Stampedo

Ooooooh! The good folks doing a movie adaptation of Trigun has finally set a date. It's supposed to come out in 2010. Woot! Check out ANN for full details and other great links to that movie.

08 October 2009

I remember why I don't trust RT

How do I get dragged into these things?

Why click random links and read articles that end up annoying me?

Sure, half the movies on this are worse than an elephant's turds ... even if it has a Batman perched on it ... but then again, why would you include The New Guy?

That was not so bad. It may not be the movie of the year but it's certainly better than some of the mind-numbing crap people usually list in the besta-movies-eva category!

And the bloody hell is Kaene:The Prophecy in this list? Did you leave your brain at the door when you reviewed this?

It worries me that people can't tell the difference in quality and subtance when rating movies like Big Momma's House and Kaene; that stupid Big Momma's whatchamacallit should never have been made and Kaene was so good, it wandered into the snooty-arty category.

Dr Horrible Part 2?

I don't know if I should get excited about this one.

There might be a follow up to the Dr Horrible Sing-along Blog.

On the one hand, I love the show and, let's face it, Joss Whedon's work is almost always awesome.

On the other hand, I will be bitterly disappointed and cursing at them if they decide to put this show on wucking-fanker-Hulu.

Hmm, that was a bit of a rant.


06 October 2009

Season 3, ep 6 of The Guild

<br/><a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?mkt=en-US&amp;vid=09ca7e47-a094-46b3-ace4-d28658ee76a1" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Episode 6: Newbtastic">Video: Season 3 - Episode 6: Newbtastic</a>

New Guild episode is out. Go on, check it out.