31 March 2008

Futurama Fan Art

Check out this cool Futurama fan art. I though the Planet Express meets League was a stroke of brilliance.

Wonder if the artist is still continuing work in another site?

Undead Art

28 March 2008

Atlantis Season 5 Spoiler

Gateworld talks about Fifth Season of Stargate Atlantis, particularly an episode called Whispers.

This is definitely a spoiler for those who have not seen Season Four so stop right here.

Turns out the recently cloned Dr Carson Beckett joins Sheppard on a mission in this episode.
*** moment of joy to say Hip Hip Hooray ***

There's something about Wraith named Micheal and certain questionable experiments he's been doing.

Click here to read full article.


Secret UN meeting about UFOs?

I came across this reference a few times today so I figured why not post it online. Must admit I'm a bit of a skeptic at the moment.

According to this article:

Veteran UFO researcher Robert VanDerClock has confirmed that he has met with and seen the credentials of an anonymous source who disclosed that a secret UN meeting had taken place on February 12 that discussed UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

They also mention a time table existed for full disclosure of extraterrestrial life by 2017.

Well, I've reserve judgement until proven otherwise. When you think about it, it's no stranger than some of the more mainstream beliefs anyway.


Futurama's next movie: The Beast with a Billion Bucks

Futurama's next DVD is going to be out in 3 months!

That's right! Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Bucks will be shipping out on 24th June.

TV Squad talks to David X Cohen about the upcoming movie and he gives everyone a little sneak peek. It continues the story from the first movie so make sure you watch it by June. I've yet to get my grubby hands on Bender's Big Score. *Mumble Mumble*

Keep reading here.

TV Squad

Children of Men coming back as a series

AICN has some interesting news - David Eick is working on a pilot script for Children of Men series!

Eick is writer-producer for the Battlestar Gallactica, so you know it's in good hands.

I would ask if it's a good idea to stretch out a movie into a series. The usual round of question pop up - Would that work? What if they do a horrid remake? Would it be as kewl as Alfonso Cuaron's work? Will they pick a schnook to be a lead character?

On the other hand, Eick did a brilliant job with BSG.

And since it was based on a book and it is gonna be a series, there's less chance of leaving out bits of the plot. Think horrid retelling of the Potter books.

Movies being made into series ain't so bad. Bear in mind the Stargate series.


27 March 2008

Lost Explained? Spoiler? See for yourself!

I came across this website on TV Squad. And the author was right; you start reading the theories on the site and you're a believer.

The site is called Time Loop Theory of Lost and it's brilliant. I don't know what's worse; reading it and finding out he was right about all the instances in Lost - meaning big time *Spoiler*. Or going through this fascinating theory and then, at the end of the Lost series, being horribly disappointed - roughly translated as "Actual Lost story wasn't as cool as this theory."

The author links all the bits of Lost and now everything makes sense . Or seems to .... unless all this is false.

He tells us where original members of Dharma Initiative island come from, well his own opinion of it anyway. I went arrrgh! at that point, it was very likely and it had slipped my mind.

There's an interesting note on who the Others are. More screams. Just can't stop reading.

Why is Ben so important and just who is Jacob? Ooooh! I see.

Of course, this could all be just a theory and nothing remotely close to the actual Lost storyline. Read it at your own risk.

Time Loop Theory of Lost
TV Squad

24 March 2008

Stargate T-shirts

Check this out. It is a cool Stargate design by Shared Wing Enterprises. Was specially funny when they put it on the maternity dress. Awesome idea, folks.

Shared Wing Enterprises @ Cafepress

Star Wars: Why Vader Cracked

/Film had this awesome picture about Star Wars; apparently it is an ad by Spike TV 'cos they are gonna airing the movies soon.


21 March 2008

Dawkins allowed into Creationist movie?

This was really funny.

Biologist thrown out and no one recognized Dawkins?

An associate professor at University of Minnesota and blogger at Pharyngula was asked to leave premises when he tried to watch the new creationist movie. But they let in his guest - guess who ? How's this for irony?

19 March 2008

Battlestar prequel announced: Caprica

How about that? It might be a last season for the absolutely awesome Battlestar Gallactica this year but all is not lost. SciFi Channel has a welcome surprise for all BSG fans - a 2 hour prequel called Caprica!


Variety via AICN

18 March 2008

Wizard's First Rule as a series

I was wondering when this would happen. Sam Raimi is planning a weekly fantasy series based on the somewhat gory Wizard's First Rule. The Sword of Truth was an okay-ish series, had a few brilliant concepts here and there (although die-hard Robert Jordan fans will beg to differ).

I wonder how he will adopt the extremely violent blood fests for the TV? Torture, mutilation and extreme violence is a trademark of this series. I suppose you could allocate it as late night telly.

And given such themes, Disney is behind this? I suppose the disturbing bits will be cleaned up to suit most audiences. As long as they don't deter from the storyline ...

Nonetheless, am keeping an eye out for this one.

Variety via Always Watching

Atlantis Season 5: Ghost in Shell *spoiler*

Gateworld has updates on the upcoming 5th season of Stargate Atlantis; the first episode is called 'Ghost in the Machine.'

It sounds interesting, new areas being explored that sorta thing,

For one thing, ascension of replicators is an idea they are playing around with. However, I'm still lagging in my viewing of season 4 so I might have missed out any previous references to that.

And somehow, they also mention bringing about Elizabeth Weir's character ... except they kinda built that angle tactfully so as to avoid actually casting Tori Higginson.

Speaking of which, there seems to be bad blood between her and the makers of show. Not sure about details but looks like Higginson wasn't too happy with the way she became a recurring character, this despite a 6 year contract.

Go figure. She was a cool leader though and, as awesome as Sam Carter is, somehow the leadership of Atlantis seem lacking after her departure.

Let's see who's going to replace Sam now. Let's hope this doesn't become the sci-fi equivalent to Dark Art teacher position in the Potter series.


12 March 2008

Season 12 of South Park

Yea! All new South Park!

According to Ain't-it-cool, Comedy Central will premiere the first of 12 brilliant (hopefully) episodes on March 12th Wednesday!

Which was yesterday and so am assuming it's out and it has begun.




11 March 2008

Ben Browder's Achilles Heel

Wouldn't it be cool to see a new take on the laurel wearing, robe-adorning ancient Greeks fighting a historic battle? Or a remake of Zeus as a gun slinging Wild Wild West guy?

Okay, that's just my imagination and is quite a far-fetched image. That's just how I pictured a remake when I read the following news.

Ben Browder of Farscape and SG-1 fame is working on new series for Sci-Fi channel along with Andrew Prowse (director of Farscape).

It's called Going Homer ... the name could be tweaked a bit. Here's the gist of the plot:

The miniseries follows a modern American 12-year-old boy, named Homer Ulysses Jones, who can see Greek and Roman gods walking among the populace. Homer and his father run away together after a fierce custody battle and head to the home of their ancestors in Ithaca, N.Y

Sci Fi via ain't-it-cool

10 March 2008

I Got 45%

I scored a Groovy
45% on the

Quiz by SheGoddess: Emotional Eating

05 March 2008

New vampire movie

I've been searching for new horror movies to watch. So far, the video stores have recommended rather pathetic slasher movies - Personally, I think the concept of artistic psychological thrillers died with Hitchcock.

So I happen to come across this review about a Turkish horror movie, Karanlik Sular. What caught my eye was the details about the vampire. Hmm, last horror fanged thriller I watched was Nightwatch and that was mind blowing. Excellent music!

Here is the review of Karanlik Sular. I am definitely looking out for this movie.

03 March 2008

Interview with BSG creators

Here is an awesome interview with Ron Moore and David Eick, the geniuses behind Battlestar Gallactica.

The interview is divided into various sections and covers variety of themes; depiction of law and order in BSG; issue of torture; elections; ethics and other interesting matters.

You can find the transcripts of the interview in that site as well as audio versions.