05 December 2007

Warner Bros Shuts Down Flickr Account for Blogging about Batman

/Film had this horrid story of Warner Bros bullies shutting down someone's Flickr account just cos they had used promo pics for Dark Knight. This after the blogger had gone through "the cease and desist" and taken all the pics from Uruloki blog etc. Sheesh man! It's not like they were selling it for profit and taking credit way from you; it's good publicity and everyone gets to hear the updates about Batman.

And isn't the point of having a viral account with Joker clues an effort to get more publicity and fans through the net? Someone should tell them one of the first rules of advertising on the web - don't pick on the fans who pay for your movie anyway.

C'mon that's just nasty - it sounds like the person had other legal pics in that account which is probably lost now! Well, suddenly I'm not so eager to see the Bat-eared Latex Man anymore - I will take my movie going money elsewhere!

IEBS.net sums it up nicely when they say:

Is there a lesson here? Yes, don’t use Flickr to host any of your images and also Warner Bros. Legal are a bunch of assholes . I hope that the production team wasn’t behind this because if they were they are also a bunch of assholes.

Felipe took down the images so WB had no reason to get his Flickr account shut down. Five years worth images down the drain, that’s just messed up.

Advice to all of our online/blogger friends out there, don’t let yourself be treated this way and learn what things the studios have no control over.