20 February 2008

Windows Vista has Lame Figurines

This is probably the lamest thing I have ever heard. Story goes that Microsoft have come up with some "cool" (and I use this term very loosely) action figurines. Martial arts galore. Or is it?

You get a few characters, so riddled with politically incorrect stereotypes that the I'll-feed-on-anything Hollows would gag on them. For instance, you get the Aryan tribute, typically blonde warrior hero. Think corny version of Ken from Street Fighter. The Windows Vista Sensei.

Then you get the Office Master in the form of a shaolin monk. Sigh. TMNT fans as well as to much Kung fu?

And you get ISV Super Gal. America seems to have something about blondes; the number of movie stars popping up with lighter shades of hair is increasing. It gets worse by the way; she learns cheerleading peppiness from a Tibetian monk!!

I'm still laughing!

I don't know who should be more affronted - Asians whose Eastern Philosophies are summed up as upgradable black belt characters or those poor Tibetian monks. After all, their way of life has crassly reduced to pom pom happiness.

I wonder how many women would be insulted by the ISV Gal. Talk about mixing in a healthy dose of gender stereotypes. She likes to sing "Hey Mickey"and watches Sex and the City?

On that note, who is the target audience? People old enough to vote will probably die laughing when they see the figurines. And good luck selling the figurines to kids. I can't imagine too many parents encouraging their kids to watch Sex and City just 'cos their fav character indulges in sitcom about sexcapades.

The rest of the characters are bad, painfully bad.

Photo via incredimazing
Link to action figure bio