13 August 2009

Legend of Neil and The Guild update

It's been a while since I blogged about anything. Or linked to anything for that matter.

I blame it on Evil Genius and Silent Hill. *mutter* Die, Dollie, die!

Been meaning to update blog so let's see what I've been reading.

I am gonna bundle these two news together since they are kinda related.


I watched Ep 2 of season 1 and it's worth a watch.

It's good fun for gamers who are familiar with the NES Zelda game.

I remember how much trouble I had finding that stupid blue candle.

That's when I drew my own map, aah bonus points there!

Anyway, check it out at LoN website.

The Guild

Which segues nicely into news about The Guild.

They released a fun little music video called "Do you want to date my avatar?"

The song was directed by Jed Whedon and co-written by him and Felicia Day.

It's quirky, it's fun and the part where the two guys rap is hilarious.

It is currently available on Xbox Live video marketplace.

Well, starting from Monday, the 17th of August, it will be available all over the net. Probably from The Guild's website.

You'll see.

I am pretty sure they also gave the date for the release of the third season of The Guild. Or was it the net-wide release of the song?

Guess this means I have to go check it again.