22 October 2007

Recurring Actors in StarGate SG1 and StarGate Atlantis

Has anyone else comes across a feeling of Deja Vu when watching Stargate Atlantis? That eerie feeling of "Hang on, I've seen that face before" feeling? And then you realize that it's a recurring character from Stargate SG1. Actually it's a tad more complicated. This is a classic case of recurring actors; human on Earth and Wraith in Pegasus sorta coincidence.

Let's try and spot them:

Christopher Heyerdahl -
Stargate SG1 - he was Pallan in season 7
Stargate Atlantis - Halling, notable Athosian male. Also male wraith. Keep your enemies closer huh?

Garwin Sanford
Stargate SG1 - quiet alien by the name of Narim
Stargate Atlantis - Elizabeth Weir's husband

Ona Grauer
Stargate SG1 - Female Ancient found in the ice, aka Ayianna.
Stargate Atlantis - was part of flashback to Earth, when Ancients left the Atlantis base.

Craig Veroni
Stargate SG1 - Weapons officer.
Stargate Atlantis - Dr. Peter Grodin. He dies when trying to fix space weapon?

David McNally
Stargate SG1 - One episode he was Hanno and in another he was Simon.
Stargate Atlantis - Avrid. His people lived in a sanctuary helping those ascend.

Paul McGillion
Stargate SG1 - Young Ernest Littlefield.
Stargate Atlantis - Lovable and now quite dead Dr. Carson Beckett.

Dan Payne
Stargate SG1 - Various Kull warriors and a Jaffa.
Stargate Atlantis - Big ugly Wraith.


Jose Adame said...

Don't forget Matthew Bennett who played Ted in SG1 Episode "Point of No Return" and later as Jared Kane in SG1 Episodes "Icon" and "Ethon" :)