04 September 2009

Friday Links

Alright, so after a looooooong break in blogging I am back. And looking around to see what I missed.
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Stargate Universe

Yea yea, I know I said I would probably shun this .... and I will too, just you wait ... but I have to admit, Robert Carlyle adds a certain amount of dignity to that show.

Apparently this show is darker than the other two. Will see.

Check out trailer here.

Dead Men Walk

Ooh and there is the review for Dead Men Walk. That was an enjoyable movie with just a bit of cheesiness here and there.

I don't think it helped that the vampire looked like an evil butler.

Even so, he pulled off the fang-boy moves better than the modern vegan vamps.

By the way, this movie is in the public domain.

Swear to God

And I came across this tidbit whilst browsing Reddit.

Apparently kids had to pledge allegiance to God in order to obtain a US citizenship.

Wait, I thought you didn't have to, that allegiance to God was specifically left out by the forefathers. After all, people did move to New World to escape religious persecution.

She has plans

I read this story about a wee little lassie in China who wanted to be a corrupt official when she grew up.

Now, did she pick up that idea from the movies? Or did she watch a lot of news?

Or is this a glimpse of what the parents talk about at home?