24 September 2009

Lily Allen infringes on copyright ... again!

Maybe Lily Allen must have a quiet chat with Lars about the follies of putting your foot in it.

After she became the poster child for anti-piracy tirade, it's no surprise that folks will start scrutinizing her life and seeing if Ms. Allen adheres to copyright law.

Apparently not, especially if this Techdirt article by Micheal Masnick is anything to go by.

Quote from Techdirt:

When Lily was first trying to get attention, she created a couple of mixtapes with a ton of songs from other artists... available as MP3 downloads, and mixing in her own tracks. This is a well-known tradition in some circles and a great way to get some attention. We're all for it. But... it seems quite hypocritical of Ms. Allen to claim that file sharing is somehow evil and destroying the industry when she appears to be an active participant and used it to promote herself (oh my goodness! free music working as promotion!). According to the tracklisting of the second mixtape, it included 19 tracks by artists other than Lily Allen. Both mixtapes (mixtape 1 and mixtape 2) are available directly off of Lily's website, LilyAllenMusic.com, which has a copyright notice at the bottom from EMI.

Check out the full article, the writer makes a good point about implications of 'three strikes' in Lily Allen's case.