29 October 2009

When folks fear science ....

... we're all screwed!

I came across this via the Dawkins website. I'm glad folks are pushing for this and making a case about it.

Honestly, the number of folks who are into this namby-pampy, wishy-washy, hoity-toity quack nonsense is unbelievable. I say Tina, when are you going to stop following ...alright, I will stop with the TBL references. I think I made my point.

Quote from article:

The tragedy is that we have largely refused to educate ourselves about science and consequently the gap between its knowledge and our own has become ever greater. Our fear and suspicion of it have grown accordingly - and yet when it comes to irrationality in all its guises, we have cast all suspicion to the four winds and thrown ourselves on the mercy of quacks and mountebanks. Hence we barely raise an eyebrow when we find a well known television presenter using his position of influence to promote dangerously anti-scientific nonsense on the subject of vaccines: nonsense which we could have excused a hundred years ago but which is now simply the height of ignorant irresponsibility.

The article is called Vaccination: the moral imperative by Paula Kirby. Read the full article, it is excellent.