08 October 2009

I remember why I don't trust RT

How do I get dragged into these things?

Why click random links and read articles that end up annoying me?

Sure, half the movies on this are worse than an elephant's turds ... even if it has a Batman perched on it ... but then again, why would you include The New Guy?

That was not so bad. It may not be the movie of the year but it's certainly better than some of the mind-numbing crap people usually list in the besta-movies-eva category!

And the bloody hell is Kaene:The Prophecy in this list? Did you leave your brain at the door when you reviewed this?

It worries me that people can't tell the difference in quality and subtance when rating movies like Big Momma's House and Kaene; that stupid Big Momma's whatchamacallit should never have been made and Kaene was so good, it wandered into the snooty-arty category.