13 November 2009

Friday Links

Yay yay for Fridays! Hmm, there was actually a typo and that last sentence read as Frodos! We're not quoting Gandalf today, no thanks.

Alright. So I came across this via Pharyngula's site. It's a fun jab at all those folks who dismiss scientific fact and run around believing in all sorts of nonense. I think Dara O Briain referred to them as the folks who should be in a sack. Now, to come up with my own scientific controversy ... I just have to follow the handy steps on that site.

And some of Verizon's customers are in for a nasty surprise. Ai Ai Ai! And I'm not talking about the fuss about the termination fee either.

Ooh didja hear that Dollhouse was canceled? That was a nasty turn of events there. I wish Whedon would find sponsors other those awful folks at Fox. Fox is responsible for the death of so many good shows. Apparently, years ago, Sliders also got the boot because of they were just not into that scifi scene anymore. Alright, so that's a bit of a stretch, Fox first tried to mess about with the show and then they canceled. Kind of what happened to Dollhouse too, isn't it?

And ... I also had a weird 'Oh that's who they are' moment. So here goes. While reading up on Bloodbath at the House of Death, I found out that one of the main guys in it used to have quite a few famous telly shows. Oh, the bloke's name was Kenny Everett. Anyway, his shows were well-known for guest apperances (dance numbers, what have you) by skimpily-clad dancers called Hot Gossip. This particular group (and am guessing that whole telly show) was parodied by NtNON here. Remember this?

There was also a bit where Vin Diesel was the butt of a few jokes. To be fair, it was an article about crappy action stars. You know, the way movie folks create lead characters for action movies?