16 November 2012

Friday Links

I have not posted for months now. Guess that's what happens when work gets a bit crazy.

This story popped up yesterday. A group of musicians are protesting a new copyright proposal called Internet Radio Fairness Act. Looks like they think streaming services need to pay out more monies, or something. Couldn't help noticing Megadeth is on the list. Of course they are on the list.

Various news about Terry Pratchett. Firstly, his daughter, Rhianna, will take over Discworld when he cannot continue working on it. Secondly, did you know The Watch is being made into a BBC series?! Oooooh!

Saw this on twitter. There is a heated debate going on about the 'fake geek girl' comments and stories popping up recently. Did you see the guy who said women should take a written exam before they can cosplay at cons?