04 June 2008

Age restrictions for books? What a load of ...

Who comes up with nonsense like this?

Apparently some schmucks out there are going to put age restrictions on books.

The Golden Compass author Philip Pullman is leading a campaign to block publishers' plans to introduce age guidance limits on books - insisting the proposals would be "damaging" to young readers.

That is going to be absolutely detrimental to mental development of children.

What about children who are early bloomers, who will read books a little bit advanced for their age because they have outgrown material set for their ages?

How will kids learn lessons about life if all they can eventually read are dumbed down books? yes, we all know books that are deemed appropriate for kids usually talk down to them, assuming them to be stupid and unaware of the world they live in.

So many abridged versions of classics will not be accessible to younger generations; good luck trying to get them to read once they are 16.

Seriously, who came up with this brainstorm? Where have all the responsible parents gone? You can't expect law of the land to bring up your kids, you know.