06 June 2008

Canceled shows

What do you know, here's a subject close to my heart - Unfairly canceled shows.

Syfy Portal has a list of shows that were given the boot despite a strong fan following.

I'm just gonna browse the list and see what's mentioned.

I agree. That must have been the hate mail magnet move of that year. It was one of Joss Whedon's best.

I was a huge fan of the vampire with a soul. Granted, green horns with karoke bar was my favorite, but at least this was a fantasy genre show with wit and style.
And none of the female characters are prissy bimbos.

Wouldn't call myself a die-hard fan. But it had such an interesting theme - creating order out of the anarchy that followed a nuclear bomb.

Arrrgh! This show really grew on me. I thought it was cheesy when I first watched it but the characters with their own distinct flairs and weird humor created its own little niche in my scifi watching schedule.

I just started watching this. And now I find out this was canceled!

I've said this before and I will rant and rave again; maybe scifi shows should be streamed online, and viewed online. That way there is no competition for slots and prime time allocations. This way some big production out there is not going to cancel a fantastic show because they need to make way for some other 'brilliant ' idea.