16 June 2008

Get ready for more of 'That's awfully clever, Rodney'

Ooooh Oooh look what came up in my alerts!

An interview of Paul McGillion by Pop Culture.

It's a short,nifty piece but great for the fans nonetheless.

McGillion talks a little bit about new Atlantis episodes, A Dog's Breakfast and of course, a few notes about being a Trekkie.


I’ll tell you a funny story. One day we were filming a scene with David Hewlett laying naked in the mud, soap on his butt and me standing over him in my dress. It was pouring down rain and there was a short break as they were changing out a camera lens or repositioning the lights or something. I looked down at him and said “I hope this is funny.”(laughs) Once I put on the dress a few times I started feeling pretty good about it, but I think I wound up looking like a linebacker.

Read the full piece here.