13 January 2009

Bromeliad Trilogy: Will take time

So let me get this straight ... Danny Boyle was supposed to make The Bromeliad trilogy into a movie (along with Frank Cottrell Boyle) but that's not going to happen anymore.

By the way, Bromeliad is Sir Terry Pratchett's 3-parter series which were an excellent soul searching books for the children and adults.

I don't care much for Slumdog whats-its-face movie so frankly it does not matter that Boyle is not involved in a Pratchett movie. He did an excellent job for 28 Days Later but, recently, he does seem a bit involved in testostrine driven gangsta style movies.

Should I worry that Dreamworks has the rights to the fantastic books?


AzMyst said...

Whoa, you dismissed one of the most critically acclaimed movies of this year so easily. I don't think Slumdog Millionaire is about gangstas. :) I haven't seen it so won't comment on that.

Personally, I don't think Pratchett's movies should be adapted into movies. What has been done so far has left me really dissapointed, with, maybe Hogfather being the only even relatively enjoyable one. I think an animated movie - 3D even - or a cartoon would be better for Discworld.

Aktief Kulture said...

Maybe it wud be unfair to call Slumdogsy a gangsta flick but the ads of the movie did not appeal to me. Perhaps it was also unfortunate that the bits I saw did look like an action, revenge movie.

Critically acclaimed don't mean swat tho. :) Just some people's opinion (no offense to them but some stuff that are praised to high Olympus have not appealed to me.) Just depends on personal taste, I guess.

I am glad Pratchett is holding out though (instead of selling out his stories). A lot of his stuff has been adapted for stage and that is a welcome sight. I would be disappointed and wail the day he gives up his right to some biggie animation company. Would take the Pratchett outta the movies then. On that note, I have not seen Color of Magic but I saw Hogfather and really liked that.

AzMyst said...

Of course, I meant an animation by a company that could actually keep to the spirit of the series. Most animated movies are crap, I agree. The animated cartoon for the Dragonlance trilogy was one of the worst cartoons I've seen. Totally destroyed what the book managed to built so painstakingly and beautifully. If Discworld became a cartoon like that then it would be a tragedy.

Never seen any plays at the theatre so no idea about that. But I'll take your word that it's good :)

Aktief Kulture said...

Some that I absolutely dread with animated movies ... somehow it became a trend to draw the character to look like the voice actor. I was worried about the Tintin movies 'cos of that but I am honestly not sure now.

Ahh Dragonlance. Why, why do they do this to fans?!