30 January 2009

I like the comparison to vultures

I found another interview of Sir Terry Pratchett.

He talks about his latest book as well as dealing with questions about the Alzhemier's (how he first heard about it and how he focused his anger into his work, etc.).

My word! National Theatre is to make a play out of Nation?! Well done! My personal opinion has been that Pratchett's work is better suited for stage than a dreary ol' animated movie. I've also been let down by way too many animated movies recently; it would be terrible to ruin my favorite books by handing them over to these same minions of hell.


“Otherwise I'm just Terry Pratchett, ‘the sufferer'. It's all part of our modern culture. We like people to be sufferers because then we can pity them.” He doesn't then want a movie made of his “battle”, such as that Iris Murdoch film? “No. I think three different researchers wrote to me asking could I help them with work on analysing my style as the illness progresses, and I wrote back, 'What I like about vultures is that they wait until the donkey is dead'. I just couldn't believe that they would try that.”

Got to love his sense of humor.

There is also this bit in the interview where American fans accused him of plagarism, you know where Harry Potter is concerened. Eh?! Look, I like the Potter series, but er, I don't you can compare Pratchett's style of writing and eloquence to Ms Rowling's writing.

Source: Times Online UK