28 January 2009

My, I didn't know Tintin could dance

For anyone who is interested. This popped up in my feeds today.

It's about Jackson-Spielberg adaptation of Tintin.

There is a bit about how they are gonna make the movie and yibbity dibbity.

The main bit of news (which is probably old news but hey) is the vital question - who's going to play Tintin?

It's going to be that little fella who donned a pair of ballet shoes for Billy Elliot - Jamie Bell. And Daniel Craig will be good old capt. Haddock. That would be interesting ... much as I have a lot of respect for Craig, I did imagine someone more Belgian looking for that role.

On the other hand, he was a fantastic Lord Asriel. So we'll see.


aindhy said...

hmmm... I thought they were going the way of Gollum on this one... Photo-realistic animation...

So they're just doing the voices?!?!

Aktief Kulture said...

I think it's just voices, no matter how they are sugar coating it. Must be interesting if Jackson is doing it. Much as I could not wait for that damn ape to die in King Kong.

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