06 March 2009

Friday Links

Green thumbs

Spring is around the corner and my little Evergreen, sorry, our little Evergreen looks droopy. So I am looking up gardening info. Here's hoping I can add a bit of eco-living to the hope. And not qipe them out.

So here's Starting Seeds Indoors.

Another Mickey Mouse move?

Excuse me. Eh ke ke ke! That's my impression of a Gargamel laugh.

This is regarding Illinois and the Pluto planet status.

Any other attempts to dispel other scientific facts using riff raff arguments?

And are people really justifying this?

Excerpt from The Register:

A minor detail, though, because Illinois clearly feels local pride has been dented by the by the IAA vote "in which only four per cent of the International Astronomical Union's 10,000 scientists participated".

Art tutorial

And a cute little tutorial about facial expressions. I was really looking for something about cartoon figures.

Interesting nonetheless.

Source: Karen-Rox