03 March 2009

When you are alone and life is making you worry,

Facebook nearly twitterpatted the microblogging site!

Ok so I made up that verb but apparently the mega people linkage site nearly bought out Twitter.

So, any thoughts, feelings, gag effects on hearing this news?

It is funny that just the other day I was pish-poshing any future plans to join identi.ca. Not that it was a bad site; on the contrary, it is pretty and smooth flowing. And I've heard lots of good stuff about it.

Point is, if Twitter is run over, I mean acquired by he who shall not be named, I will have to say a sad little bye bye to my account.

I know tons of people praise it (just replace the word downtown in the song by same name and you get their motto) but I still liken it to the cheap and easy means for the twats from my high school to find me. No thanks.