04 May 2009

Excuse me while I chase the springbok away from phone line

People like this make me make me angry. They spoil my weekdays. Actually it's worse if it is on a Sat/Sunday but then I don't read my feeds on the weekend. With due reason.

WTF is up with this stupid, pompous argument about social networking being 'socialist'.

Maybe he was being sarcastic and I just didn't get it? Sometimes American sarcasm is too hard to pick up.

But this sentence about the Third World is so blatantly insulting. Excuse me, but I had internet in the late 90s when you thought we were up there swinging from banana trees. Or running away from lions in South Africa.

And then last week The New York Times reported about the hazards of international expansion for the likes of Facebook. Getting million of new users in the Third World, it turns out, really sucks, because Facebook will never really be able to meaningfully monetize those eyeballs. It's tons of cash out (bandwidth, data storage, personnel) with little hope of cash in.

I shouldn't be too annoyed. Some people can be hoity toity all they want but they still have to dialv+91 for tech support. *loud snicker*.

And guess who is pumping much needed money into US? Right, it's China, isn't it? Surely that would be the main investor right now?

Source: Adage