06 May 2009

I like Wiki; at least they are transparent

This is so bad!

Quote from The Irish Times:

A WIKIPEDIA hoax by a 22-year-old Dublin student resulted in a fake quote being published in newspaper obituaries around the world.

Three things:

a) So mainstream news media, despite their snobbery, does check and believe Wiki?

b) Basic rule of using a source - always check where the quote/news info comes from. By the way, Wiki is very strict about it and they took down the said quote since it did not adhere to the Wiki rules for citation. Who was hasty?

c) You want people to pay for your high quality news articles if they are online. None can access it for free. But apparently your news articles are based on freely available articles which by the way some people conveniently forgot to cite.

Hy-po-crisy! It's just a word.