04 May 2009

Wasn't going to watch Avatar crap anyway


All these annoying annoying news today.

It's about glockgal protesting the lack of Asian actors in The Last Airbender. Well, she has a point; why cast white actor for movie with an Asian theme? Don't even get me started on the barf-fest that is Prince of Persia. *gag*

Well, she had some snarky t-shirts along the lines of: The Last Airbender: Brown/ Asian/ Colored Actors Need not Apply.

And then poor gal was hit with a copyright infringement notice.

Apparently her work violated the brand name or something. She does not appear to use any pics or anything from official folk. How does this come across as copyright infringement?

Satire is supposed to be "fair use", no?

Suddenly making social comment is no longer allowed?