28 March 2008

Children of Men coming back as a series

AICN has some interesting news - David Eick is working on a pilot script for Children of Men series!

Eick is writer-producer for the Battlestar Gallactica, so you know it's in good hands.

I would ask if it's a good idea to stretch out a movie into a series. The usual round of question pop up - Would that work? What if they do a horrid remake? Would it be as kewl as Alfonso Cuaron's work? Will they pick a schnook to be a lead character?

On the other hand, Eick did a brilliant job with BSG.

And since it was based on a book and it is gonna be a series, there's less chance of leaving out bits of the plot. Think horrid retelling of the Potter books.

Movies being made into series ain't so bad. Bear in mind the Stargate series.