11 March 2008

Ben Browder's Achilles Heel

Wouldn't it be cool to see a new take on the laurel wearing, robe-adorning ancient Greeks fighting a historic battle? Or a remake of Zeus as a gun slinging Wild Wild West guy?

Okay, that's just my imagination and is quite a far-fetched image. That's just how I pictured a remake when I read the following news.

Ben Browder of Farscape and SG-1 fame is working on new series for Sci-Fi channel along with Andrew Prowse (director of Farscape).

It's called Going Homer ... the name could be tweaked a bit. Here's the gist of the plot:

The miniseries follows a modern American 12-year-old boy, named Homer Ulysses Jones, who can see Greek and Roman gods walking among the populace. Homer and his father run away together after a fierce custody battle and head to the home of their ancestors in Ithaca, N.Y

Sci Fi via ain't-it-cool