18 March 2008

Atlantis Season 5: Ghost in Shell *spoiler*

Gateworld has updates on the upcoming 5th season of Stargate Atlantis; the first episode is called 'Ghost in the Machine.'

It sounds interesting, new areas being explored that sorta thing,

For one thing, ascension of replicators is an idea they are playing around with. However, I'm still lagging in my viewing of season 4 so I might have missed out any previous references to that.

And somehow, they also mention bringing about Elizabeth Weir's character ... except they kinda built that angle tactfully so as to avoid actually casting Tori Higginson.

Speaking of which, there seems to be bad blood between her and the makers of show. Not sure about details but looks like Higginson wasn't too happy with the way she became a recurring character, this despite a 6 year contract.

Go figure. She was a cool leader though and, as awesome as Sam Carter is, somehow the leadership of Atlantis seem lacking after her departure.

Let's see who's going to replace Sam now. Let's hope this doesn't become the sci-fi equivalent to Dark Art teacher position in the Potter series.