06 May 2008

Amanda Tapping interview: Stargate Continuum

Den of Geek has an interview with Amanda Tapping! She talks about Ark of Truth, Stargate Continuum and her new series Sanctuary.

Seems like she moved away from Atlantis to take on Sanctuary. Which explains the Woosely move.

I've not seen Sanctuary but it sounds interesting. Well, it's coming to your telly soon so will get to check it out. Or when I get uncapped internet, whichever happens first.

What she says about Stargate Continuum:

... I mean I got to spend eight days living on a moving ice flow in the Arctic Ocean, watching a nuclear submarine crash up through the ice, and shooting on a nuclear submarine. The Air Force brought in F-15s, we got to play around in those. It was massive. The scale of the shoot was massive. And it’s a really nice, standalone piece. So if you’re not a fan of SG-1 or you’ve never seen it, the show will still make sense to you. But for fans of the show we bring back Richard Dean Anderson, and we bring back Cliff Simon and all these great characters from the past. General Hammond, Don Davis is back. It has a nice familiaral sense to it.
Keeping tabs on this one!