06 May 2008

Virginia Hey Interview

Look what I found here. ScifiWorld had an interview of Virgina Hey.

Virigina Hey is that awesome actor from Farscape, Zhaan. She was the doc / spiritual mediator on board Moya. Plus someone who keeps Rygel in his place. Well, everyone did. Or tried to.

She talks about her role in Farscape, her passions and of course, more acting opportunities.

Why have we not seen her in any other shows / movies? When interviewer asked her if it was lack of interest or opportunities, here was her shocking reply!

Re acting, oh my Goodness, NO, not a lack of interest, or a lack of opportunities, I stopped dead when I was informed I was too old to act anymore. So I didn’t even try to see if there were opportunities...

She's over fifty? So what! There's always a place in SciFi for great actors, irrespective of age. Just ask Patrick Stewart or Chrisopher Lee. Can't believe she was told that.

Good to know she's checking out more acting roles now.