16 May 2008

A Third Stargate Movie?!!

Found an interview of Brad Wright.

While chatting to Gateworld about the Stargate Franchise, Brad Wright has a brief discussion about any upcoming / potential / new movies for the gate traveling bunch.

Good news is, he is definitely considering a 3rd SG-1 movie.

Great news is, lovable Jack O'Neill is in it. Yes, Wright responded in affirmative when Gateworld probed him about casting calls.

Sadly, other members look a tad busy with other projects.

But Wright seems to have a secret plan.

"But you know what? They have a good time when they come, and I think these guys had a good time making Continuum. Is it likely we'll ever get them all again? That's kind of unlikely just because of the math. But our core folks, I will move heaven and earth to get them if I can."

Read the full article here.