27 May 2008

Houston, we got a bug problem

Strange creatures are taking over the NASA computers. It would make a bizarre story if it was little green men hacking into computers, Asgard style.

Alas and Alack, it's just weird little red ants that love living in computers. Anything really, they don't make ant hills, they make do with whatever is around.

And the warm fuzzy interiors of computers seem to be a choice spot for these Carribean ants.

With the rather fruity and mellow name of Crazy Rasberry, these fiesty creatures seem to be taking over everything.

It's not just the Johnson Space Centre that's decrying an attack of bugs; the whole surrounds seem to be suffering from a siege of ants.

The ants have been causing all kinds of trouble in five Texas counties in the Gulf Coast area. Because of their sheer numbers, the ants are short-circuiting computers in homes and offices, and knocking systems offline in major businesses. When IT personnel pry the affected computers open, they find the machines loaded with thousands of ant bodies.

Reminds you of the computers mentioned in Discworld, doesn't it?