24 April 2008

Google sued over glitch

Bad news for Google.

A US P.I . is suing the Googly goodness. Nah, it's not that he found some dodgy stuff whilst on a Nancy Drew mission; it's about a loophole in the AdWords programme.

Okay, so you sign for AdWords, fill in your details, etc. etc. The problem, as noted by David Almeida lies with bidding for 3rd party sites.

His lawyers claim that a second optional box, which bids for adverts on third-party sites, will post bids if left blank. Users have to enter zero to not place a bid.

I suppose Google will rectify the hiccup soon enough. Let's face it, there will be bugs in any system which will be uncovered as more people flock to use the system.

Even at this rate, it's not as bad as the 11 faults with Vista.

Wonder if any of the new media moguls will make a kerfuffle out of this one.