18 April 2008

Update for Dollhouse

There's been one more 'agent' added to the Dollhouse - According to AICN, Angel's Amy Acker is gonna play the role of Dr. Claire Saunders.

So let's see who's part of the cast.

ab Dushku - Echo ( kick-ass lead Doll )

Olivia Willaims - Adelle deWitt (Runs the org.)

Tahmoh Penikett - (FBI Dude who's suspicious about the Doll Complex)

Frank Kranz - (Whiz-kid who's responsible for messing around with Doll memories)

Dichen Lachman - Sierra ( Echo's best bud)

Enver Gjokaj - Victor (best bud no. 2)

Harry Lennix
- Bodyguard

Miracle Laurie - November (one of Dolls in org. Important or else we won't mention her)

Amy Acker - Dr. Claire Saunders. (think of her as Stargate Atlantis' Dr Beckett of the Dollhouse)


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