21 April 2008

New Commander for Stargate Atlantis

Gateworld has the scoop! Atlantis has a new commander! And it's none other than Richard Woosley (Richard Picardo).... or as Vala once put it "That Weasel guy!"

Let's not be too harsh; we've already seen his character change throughout Sg-1. First you hated his guts, then he helped them out here and there. He was kinda growing on you ... before you know he becomes all Weasel-like again. Case in point: When Daniel Jackson looked like an Ori disciple.

I would prefer to have dynamic characters you feel strongly about, whether you hate them or like them. It's the ones that make you go "Yea whatever" which kills your enthusiasm for the show. So here's to Woosley adding to some interesting twists.

Think about it - I hated Col. Harry Maybourne until he made amends towards the end of Sg-1. Then he just became a cool breakaway faction, all by himself!

Gateworld has the details!

Note: While I was looking for a picture of Robert Picardo I came across this site. Tell me, is this really a young, brazen Richard Picardo in this pic?