14 April 2008

Interview with Cliff Simon: Baal

Gateworld had an interview with Cliff Simon about the upcoming Stargate movie: Stargate Continuum.

He talks a little bit about the movie; how he tries to change time, this particular scene with Qetesh that's got him all riled up and of course, continuation of story beyond Continuum.

Cliff Simon points out that this is the one instance where you see Baal as the evil Goa'uld that he was famous for; evil and powerful system lord to be feared. Admittedly Baal had mellowed down by season 10 but no one's complaining there.

He also talks about getting American citizenship in 2005 (woohoo!) and discusses his reasons for moving from South Africa - to give his career that extra nudge and of course, to escape violent crime in South Africa.

In his words:
South Africa just became too much for me. I had some very violent encounters also involving my wife. I turned around to her one day and just said "Look, what are we waiting for? Are we going to wait until I get murdered, or you get murdered?" Because it was actually getting to that stage. It was pretty crazy. So we made the decision. I said "Look, we're going hang around and hang around. We're actually going to make the decision and just leave." I had it very good in South Africa. I was very famous. I couldn't go anywhere. People would know me wherever I went. I would get into clubs. I would get free drinks. I was a contracted player on a show, so I was on a monthly salary. Everything was great. I earned a lot of properties. After the things that happened to us I realized none of that mattered. Money doesn't matter. It's your quality of life. I want to be able to go for a walk around the neighborhood at ten o'clock at night, if I want to. I want to walk my dog. So that was a decision. I came out here, brought my dogs. I have now exactly what I wanted as far as that quality of life. Quality of life has got nothing to do with money. It's how you live your daily life. And I found that. Which was amazing.

Excuse me for taking an extensive quote from a website (I usually leave it to small sound bites).

But in this case, he talked about an issue that to close to South African's hearts. Issue and crime and wanting a better, safer life for yourself.

Well, not everyone is part of emigration fan club; there are the nay-sayers and cynics who do their own magical peer pressure nonsense once they hear you wanna pack your bags.

But to all who do plan to do so, don't let others get to you. After all, Baal made it.